Orange County: 714-259-7779

Jack R. Sanders, CBA, CBI, CMEA, CVA, Founder

In 1986, Mr. Sanders formed Asset Business Appraisal to help small business owners (under $50 million revenue) in determining the true market value of their businesses. He has appraised a wide variety of types of businesses and has given expert witness testimony many times. He has been an active full-time business intermediary since 1985. He has personally handled over 130 business transfers and has appraised over 1,450 businesses. His focus has been on manufacturing, wholesale/distribution and business to business service businesses. Prior to entering the business intermediary profession, Mr. Sanders was President and Chief Executive Officer of the PACIFIC ENGINEERS’ Companies, an engineering firm whose operations had over 250 employees in four subsidiaries and covered seven states, primarily providing engineered facilities to local and federal governmental agencies.


Photography by Dennis Trantham at Westside Studio

Certified Business Appraiser
Certified Business Intermediary
Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
Certified Valuation Analyst

Certifications and credentials

Certified Business Appraiser, IBA

Certified Business Intermediary, IBBA

Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

California State Real Estate Broker #00846590

Member of the Association for Corporate Growth

Member Institute of Business Appraisers

Member of the International Business Brokers Association

President, Corporate M&A Advisors, Inc.

President, MidMarket Corporate Services

President, Pacific Services, Inc.

Director, Spectrum Corporate Resources

Owner, Asset Business Appraisal/Enterprise Appraiser


Master of Business Administration in Real Estate, National University, San Diego
Bachelor of Business Administration, National University
Certified in Business Administration, San Diego State

Training and experience in business valuation and related fields

1998 to Present

Spectrum Corporate Resources, Managing Director, Newport Beach and San Diego, California

Specializes in helping business owners to realize more value from their enterprises through a number of sophisticated techniques, including but not limited to, marketing documents, appraisal, structure sales, etc. Once officially on the market, makes use of several strategic methods to locate suitable buyers, supervises negotiations between buyers and sellers, and finally oversees administrative details necessary to finalize transactions.

1986 to Present

Asset Business Appraisal (Enterprise Appraisal)

Performs business valuations (intangible asset appraisal) for marriage and partnership dissolutions, minority stockholders interests, estate planning, acquisition analysis, litigation, etc. Have performed to date 146 appraisals totaling over $121 million in appraised value. Also developed BIZCOMPS®, a copyrighted annual study of over 11,484 small business sales. In 2009, became certified to do Machine & Equipment Appraisals.

1985 to 1998

Page Olson Commercial & Business Brokerage
San Diego, California
Broker Associate

Served as intermediary between buyers and sellers. Developed personal marketing plan to solicit business owners considering the sale of their businesses. Plan included database development, the development of brochures, direct mail, cold calling, personal contact, etc. Also developed a computerized business valuation program using eight different methods of valuation. The campaign resulted in listing over 325 businesses, totaling over $105 million, ranging in value from $65,000 to $4.5 million. Evaluated over 900 business of various types from retail to light manufacturing. As of December 1998, 65 business transfers totaling $17 million had been completed.

1964 to 1985

Managed General Engineering Construction Company with contracts in six Western States and affiliated operations in San Diego. Estimated and managed projects, trained and reviewed employees, served as liaison with accountants, lawyers, bank officials, bonding companies, etc.

Recent education and conferences attended

5/7/17 IBBA Annual Spring Conference
(3 Days) IBBA – Dallas, Texas

2/1/17 AMAA Winter Conference
(3 Days) AMAA – Las Vegas, Nevada

12/15/16 Advanced Mergers & Acquisitions Workshop
(3 Days) National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts – Las Vegas, Nevada

6/7/16 Annual Consultants & Business Valuation Conference
(3 Days) National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts – San Diego, California

11/8/15 2015 Forensic and Valuation Conference
(3 Days) AICPA Business Valuation – Las Vegas, Nevada

10/19/15 ASA Advances Business Valuation Conference
(3 Days) American Society of Appraisers – Las Vegas, Nevada

9/11/15 Business Valuation Conference
Presenter. Arizona Society of CPAs – Phoenix, Arizona

7/14/15 Transaction Databases: Drilling Down
Presenter. Webinar by Business Valuation Resources, LLC

6/24/15 2015 Annual Business Valuation Conference
(3 Days) National Association of Certified Analysts – New Orleans

5/15/15 M&A Source Annual Conference
(3 Days) Atlantic City, New Jersey

4/23/15 CABB Annual Conference
(2 Days) San Jose, California

11/9/15 2014 Forensic and Valuation Conference
(3 Days) AICPA – New Orleans, Louisiana

8/14/14 How to Use Small Business Transaction Statistics
Presenter. CALCPA Forensic Services

6/17/14 2014 NACVA Annual Consultants Conference
(3 Days) The Market Approach, Discounts & Premiums, Conclusions

6/4/14 2014 IBBA Spring Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada
(1 Day) Solving Key Issues in M&A Representations

4/5/14 2014 CABB Annual Productivity Conference
Presenter: How to influence Buyers and Sellers with Market Data

11/16/13 2013 New England Business Brokers Assn – Boston, Massachusetts
(2 Days) Presenter: How to Influence Buyers & Sellers with Market Data

11/10/13 2013 Forensic and Valuation Conference
(3 Days) AICPA – Las Vegas, Nevada

10/23/13 NEBB TeleConference for Board Certified Appraisers
(3 Hrs) Presenter: How to Influence Buyers & Sellers with Market Data

6/12/13 IBBA Spring Conference
Presenter: How to Influence Buyers & Sellers with Market Data

6/10/13 M&A Source/IBBA Spring Conference
(2 Days) Anaheim, California

6/5/13 NACVA 2013 Annual Consultants Conference
(3 Days) Washington, DC

5/8/13 AICPA Family Law Conference
(2 Days) Las Vegas, Nevada

11/12/12 2012 Annual Business Valuation Conference
(3 Days) AICPA – Orlando, Florida

10/7/12 American Society of Appraisers – Phoenix, Arizona
(2 Days) 2012 Annual Advanced Business Valuation Conference

9/11/12 Association for Corporate Growth – Los Angeles
(2 Days) Annual Business Conference

9/9/12 Murphy Business 2012 – Educational Conference
(1 Day) Presenter: How to Influence Buyers & Sellers with Market Data

7/10/12 2012 Summer Conference – The Deals of Tomorrow
(2 Days) AM&AA – Chicago, Illinois

6/18/12 2012 National Valuation Conference
(3 Days) NACVA/IBA – Dallas, Texas

6/4/12 2012 M&A SOURCE Conference
(3 Days) San Antonio, Texas

6/10/12 Broker/Dealer Annual Conference
(2 days) McLean Securities, LLC – McLean, Virginia

3/5/12 STC Series 7 Live Training
(4 Days) Securities Training Corp – Costa Mesa, California

11/14/11 2012 Annual Fall Conference
(4 days) IBBA – Phoenix, Arizona

11/6/11 2012 Annual Business Valuation Conference
(3 Days) AICPA – Las Vegas, Nevada

7/7/11 FINRA Series 79 Training
(4 Days) Knopman – New York, New York

6/9/11 2011 Annual Spring Conference
(4 Days) New Orleans, LA

6/8/11 2011 National Valuation Conference
(3 Days) NACVA/IBA – San Diego, California

11/7/10 Business Valuation Conference
(3 Days) AICAP – Washington, DC

2/8/10 CM&AA Credentialing Program
(3 Days) NACVA/IBA – Miami, FL

1/12/10 AMAA Winter Conference
(3 Days) AMAA – Las Vegas, Nevada

11/17/09 AICPA National Valuation Conference
(2 Days) San Francisco, California

11/09/09 Machinery & Equipment Appraisal Training Program
(2 Days) NEBB Institute – Wichita, Kansas

9/23/09 NEBB Institute – Minneapolis, Minnesota
(3 Days) Presenter: How to Use Market Data to Appraise Businesses

5/28/09 2009 National Valuation Conference
(3 Days) NACVA/IBA – Boston, Massachusetts

3/18/09 Institute of Business Appraisers – Los Angeles, California
(2 Days) Report Writing, Review and Analysis

9/18/08 Summit on Discount for Lack of Marketability
(1 Day) University of San Diego School of Law

6/8/08 National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts – Las Vegas, Nevada
(1 Day) Presenter: ”Use and Mis-Use of Business Sale Statistics”

6/4/08 Intl Business Brokers Association – Denver, Colorado
(4 Days) 2008 M&A Source Spring Conference

6/3/08 Intl Business Brokers Association – Denver, Colorado
(1 Day) The Balance Sheet – A Powerful Closing Tool

11/13/07 Intl Business Brokers Association – Frisco, Texas
(4 Days) 2007 M&A SOURCE Fall Conference

6/20/07 Inst of Business Appraisers – Denver, Colorado
(3 Days) 2007 National Business Appraisal Symposium

6/22/07 Inst of Business Appraisers – Denver, Colorado
(1 Day) Presenter: “Use and Mis-Use of Business Sale Statistics”

6/7/07 National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts – Washington, DC
(1 Day) Presenter: ”Use and Mis-Use of Business Sale Statistics”

11/6/06 Intl Business Brokers Association – Reno, Nevada
(4 Days) 2006 M&A Source Fall Conference

10/18/06 American Society of Appraisers/CICBV – Toronto, Ontario
(3 Days) 2006 ASA/CICBV Joint Conference on Business Valuation

6/5/06 Intl Business Brokers Association – Harford, Connecticut
(4 Days) 2006 M&A Source Spring Conference

5/31/06 National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts – San Francisco, California
(1 Day) Presenter: ”Use and Mis-Use of Business Sale Statistics”

Maria t. Caudle

2522 Chambers Road, Suite 100 Tustin, California 92782
Email. Tel. 949 400-1206


Business Certified Appraiser, Certified Business Intermediary, Certified Main Street Business Broker, Certified Valuation Analyst, Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser, Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser, Real Estate Broker CA DRE#01839735, NV DRE#1002832

Maria Caudle Headshot blue background for ABA 11-22

Maria Caudle
Business Certified Appraiser
Certified Business Intermediary
Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
Certified Valuation Analyst


BRE CA Broker License BRE #01839735 January 14, 2008

BRE NV Real Estate Agent BRE #167384 November 5, 2008

BRE NV Business Broker Permit #6836 November 30, 2012

Certified Business Intermediary – International Business Brokers Association June 15, 2013

California Association of Business Brokers member since 2007

International Business Broker Association member since 2010

NACVA member since 2014

NACVA CVA Certified Valuation Analyst September 16, 2016

ISBA CBA Certified Business Appraiser March 1, 2016.

NACVA’s CVA® designation is the only valuation credential accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies® (NCCA®) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

NATIONAL EQUIPMENT BUSINESS BROKER ASSOCIATION Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser 2017

INSTITUTE OF EQUIPMENT VALUATION Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser May 13, 2022

Acme Business Valuations Broker / Owner

Eureka Biz Services Broker / Owner

Affiliate of Asset Business Appraisals

Affiliate of Spectrum MA Lower Mid-Market

Expert Witness- Family Law Superior Court, Federal Court

Small Business Valuations Multiple Report Publisher


March 3, 2017 – May 29, 2022 Sunbelt Business Brokers Las Vegas
Agent and Business Broker-independent contractor listing private closely held businesses for sale in the market. Salesperson, create and maintain client accounts to purchase and sell business opportunities. Acquisitions, marketing and valuations for small main street businesses.

June 10, 2016 –Present / Acme Business Valuations Tustin, CA. Owner/Certified Valuation Expert Self Employed - Contract basis, Consultant, financial analysis, business valuations, valuation model for company with creation of business marketing books, pitchbook, broker price opinions, to describe deal and potential involvement with specific sectors and industry reports. Valuations using public company comparables, precedent transactions and DCF’s. direct mail, marketing, prospecting.

November 8, 2008 – Present Eureka Biz Services Tustin, CA. Certified Business Intermediary/Owner Self Employed
Transaction services for privately held companies, merger and acquisitions, main street, valuations and consultation analyzed long-term market trends and growth potential in the western region of the U.S. and found that consolidation was likely due to fragmented market recommended further due diligence based on acquisition potential.

June 30, 2007 – Present Bizcomps Laguna Hills, CA. Vendor assistant Traveling and booth setup for conferences and marketing Bizcomps software

April 15, 2016 – Present Asset Business Appraisals Laguna Hills, CA Affiliate, Business Certified Appraiser Contract basis, Business valuations on private closely held companies, main street, acquisitions, industry studies, research analysis, exit strategies, marketing, direct mail.

April 15, 2016 – 2018 Spectrum Corporate Resources Laguna Hills, CA. Affiliate, Corporate Business Certified Appraiser, Merger and Acquisitions
Business valuations, provides transactions for owners of privately held companies, industry studies, research analysis, direct mail.


Sophia University March 2021
Computer Science Undergraduate education to obtain Bachelor Science degree.
Graduation TBD

Orange Coast College 1998-2002
Honors: Awarded full scholarship Financial Women in Accounting based on academic achievement and research experience

Relevant Coursework:: Quantitative Finance: Investment Analysis; Financial Accounting.
November 9-11, 2020 Las Vegas, NV.

AICPA Forensic and Valuation Services Conference
Exhibitor for Bizcomps and Annual Conference

May 10, 2019 Orlando, Fl.
Exhibitor for Bizcomps and Annual Conference

November 13, 2018 San Diego, CA. NACVA Consultants Training
Core Value Bootcamp
Operations Consulting, Operational Analyst, Business Consultant Analyst for operational assessment
Looking specifically at revenues and EBITDA creating detailed reports assessments on current value to future value.

February 28 - March 1, 2019 Los Angeles, CA.
Wall Street Prep
Excel Visual Basic (VBA) for Finance Proficiency on macro to automate manual work, VBA scrubbing data, chart building.

June 20, 2018 Los Angeles, CA.
Wall Street Prep
Financial and Valuation Modeling, M& A Modeling, Excel Bootcamp. Instructional delivery method
of investment banking, discount of cash flows, financial modeling.
Candidate for Series 79 TBD

NACVA - CTI How to Defend 90% Your Valuation Assumptions with Research In and Out of Court
San Diego, CA. June 9th 2016NACVA - CTI Resolving the Debate About the Valuation of Physician Practices San Diego, CA
June 9th 2016

NACVA - CTI Explaining Damages to Juries and Others San Diego, CA June 9th 2016

NACVA - CTI Practice Builder San Diego, CA June 9th 2016

NACVA - CTI Tips for Practioners - Writing as Part of Your Practice San Diego, CA. June 9th 2016

AICPA Athletes and Celebrities: Does Fame and Fortune? April 24, 2014 Las Vegas, NV.

ISBA - International Society of Business Appraisers - Certification for Busiiness Certified Appraiser Phoenix, AZ March 1, 2014

NACVA - CTI Business Valuations: Fundamental, Techniques & Theory
Salt Lake City, Utah Certification for Certified Valuation Analyst 2013

LIMA Licensing University - Anatomy of a License Agreement Las Vegas, NV 2013


Jack Sanders Tel. 714 259-7779 Spectrum Corporate Resources
23046 Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA. 92653

Lance Schmidt Tel. 949 598-0986 National Business Appraisers
23120 Alicia Parkway, Ste. 200 Mission Viejo, CA. 92692


• Public Speaking
• Radio Broadcasting-Financial, Business, Wall Street, Real Estate News
• IBBA – International Business Broker Association – Education Committee 2017 - Present


Microsoft Word, Power Point, Bloomberg, Quotron, Excel, Social Media, Python, VBA,
Java, QA Analyst, Jira, Github, Confluence, Test Rail, Test Lodge, Miro, Charles Proxy

Patents and Publications

Soda & Soup Can Tab Opener USPTO Design Patent, United States, China, Taiwan, India
Small Business Valuation Multiples Report, How to Sell Restaurants Ebook


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